August 2017 - SLSA ICT Circular 08/17-18

August 2017 - The latest SLSA ICT Circular contains information on the recent changes to Surfguard, eLearning, Members Area (Formally Members Portal) and other systems. Please contact the helpdesk if you have any questions about the latest changes.

Join / Re-Join updates (

New members to the organisation need to go   

Changes to this area include:-
1. Header changes
2. Removal of  unnecessary fields/sections from the displayed Membership Form. 

  • All compulsory fields display. 
  • Members can choose to fill out the optional fields section

3. Declaration changes - The declaration section has been simplified and a link now takes joining members to the full declaration


The New Members Area (formally Members Portal)

New Login Page
The purpose is to simplify the login area and provide an easy to use page with simple links and messages where required. The new page includes the following functions:-

  • Forgot password’
  • Resend confimatiin code
  • Enter SMS Code
  • Create new account 
  • Link to Join/Rejoin


Landing Page - New Members Area dashboard (Previously Lifesaving Online)
Upon logging into the Members Area you will notice that the overall look and feel has changed to bring it in line more with other SLS websites. The ‘Lifesaving Online’ menu item has now been renamed ‘Members Area’ so that it’s obvious where the member related functions are located such as Patrol Hours, Membership Renewals, Awards, access to eLearning, Family Groups etc

New Features include: -

  1. Renewal notifications – If you have not renewed your membership for the upcoming season, the dashboard will alert you until you have either renewed your membership or you have been archived by the club
  2. Patrol Roster – Displays your next 3 rostered patrol days. Click the header arrow to view full roster
  3. Awards – Displays your next 3 expiring awards that need to be renewed. Click the header arrow to view all awards
  4. Patrol Hours – Displays your Patrol hours for the current competition year (Since 01 Jan) and the current Patrol Season (Since 01 Jul). Click header arrow to view all patrol hours
  5. Pending Requests – List of pending requests you have in progress currently such as renewals or updating details etc. Click the header arrow to view all pending requests

NOTE:  The dashboard is fully responsive and works on desktop, iPad and mobile however many of the existing lifesaving online pages such as the renewal form and ‘update details’ forms have not been converted to mobile friendly pages yet.

New Members Area Header

Many of the admin/user related functions that have traditionally been in the main menu, such as form approvals, notification preferences, password change etc, have now been moved to a ‘User’ menu which can be accessed via the ‘User’ icon in the top right. This allows these functions to be available from any page within the Members Area


Surfguard Updates - New Dashboard and Header

New Login Page
You will notice that there is now a new login page for Surfguard. The purpose is to simplify the login area and provide an easy to use link for accessing the account creation/update Form49

New Surfguard Dashboard
Upon logging into Surfguard you will notice a brand new real-time dashboard available. This dashboard is completely new functionality and is available at all levels of the organisation. It provides real-time statistical information on key figures such as Patrol hours, Rescues and Members while also providing an easy to understand summary of ‘to do’ items such as Pending Request, Assessments and transfers requiring action. Depending on the level you are using (National, State, Club etc) you may also see a Bronze Medallion Graph and Patrol log graph at the bottom of the page. All graphs are interactive and clickable, upon clicking a graph it will directly take you to the relevant report for that piece of data. Please see below an example of the new Dashboard at a State level

1. Patrol Hours to Date for current season
National - Breakdown of Patrol hours by State 
State – Breakdown of Patrol hours by Branch 
Branch – Breakdown of Patrol Hours by Club
Club – Breakdown of Patrol Hours by Month
NOTE:  Top 5 shown and then rest included in ‘other’

2. Rescues to date for current season - Breakdown of total rescues by type

3. Total Active Members - Breakdown of members by Membership Category. Note the categories have been abbreviated so they can fit into the screen. Includes all ‘Active’ status members and further breakdown by ‘Financial’ and ‘Non-financial’
Note: The idea here is that as the season progresses the number of ‘non financial’ members showing should drop until eventually it contains only ‘Financial’ members.

4. Pending Requests for current season - Breakdown of Pending Requests by Type

5. Assessments for current season - Breakdown of Assessments by type

6. Transfers Requiring Action for Current Season - Breakdown of Transfers requiring action by type


7. Bronze Medallions  - Breakdown of bronze medallions by ‘proficient’ or ‘unproficient’

8. Patrol Logs for current season - Breakdown of Patrol logs requiring action by type

9. Latest News - Latest news has now been moved from the login page into the dashboard so that relevant Surfguard changes/news can be communicated in an easy to view and easy to access format. 

10. Messages Inbox - The interclub messaging system within Surfguard will now display your message inbox in a visually appealing way in order to make access, viewing and composing new messages easier.

New Surfguard Header
The header has been updated to consolidate some of the Surfguard functions and provide an easy to use ‘user menu’ on the right. Key Updates include the following:

1. To return to the Surfguard dashboard click the work Surfguard at the top of the page
2. Icons for quick access to Email/SMS Communication, Help and User Account 
3. Members Search has moved into the right side of the main menu
4. A new user account menu has been added to consolidate some of the account related functions. Upon clicking the ‘person’ icon, the new menu will dropdown and allow the user to:

  • Access User Admin
  • Access other systesm such as IRD, ABSAMP etc or switch back to Surfguard using 'Memberships'
  • Logout of Surfguard

Surfguard Menu Changes

We have consolidated items and made some small improvements within the Surfguard Menu, listed below:

'Transfers' has been moved to sit under the 'Members' tab.
'Mailing Groups' has been moved to sit under the 'Organisational Management' Tab.
The 'Assessments' Tab has been renamed to 'Education'

Quick Reports have also been added to the following Menu tabs
Members - Quick reports - Member Contact Details
Education - Quick reports - Bronze Medallion Holders
Patrols - Quick reports - Patrol Roster and Total Patrol Member Hours


Officer Positions in Surfguard

To update the officer positions go to Organisational Management > Officers > Officers . This information is used by Branch, State & SLSA to communicate with specific Officers relevant to the position they hold.  

Officer has been re-elected to the same position for another season:

  1. Locate the Officer from the View Officers list
  2. Click the ‘edit’ button under Officer Options
  3. Amend the ‘to date’ field
  4. Update

New Officer has been elected to a position:

  1. locate the Position Name from the View Officers list
  2. click the ‘new’ button under Officer Options
  3. Select the Officer from the drop down list
  4. Select a ‘From’ and ‘To’ date
  5. Save

Renaming Existing Officer Positions - Synonyms
Organisations can update the name of an officer position to reflect the positiosn in their constitution/By-Laws by using the Synonym option.  To change the name of an existing officer positions in Surfgaurd go to Organisational Management > Officers > Officer Position Synonyms

Online Members Store Administrator – Officer Position
Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club/Branch/State officers/administrators can only be accessed if the officer/administrator is in one of the two officer positions “Online Member Store Administrators” in Surfguard with a valid date range.

Access to the Club/Branch/State online store is via the Admin Area - see image


eLearning - Admin Functions for Director of Education / Chief Training Officer

Club CTO’s who are in the Officer position in Surfguard will automatically be assigned administrative functions and will be able to check the progress of members eLearning. If a club CTO wants this function assigned to other trainers they will need to email  with the name/s of members who need to be assigned the function.  

SLSA IT Systems Survey 2017

It’s that time of year again when we would love to get your feedback about the SLSA IT systems you may have used throughout this season. The information collected will be used to prioritise new development and enhancements to SLSA’s IT resources. You will only need to fill in this survey once and it will take approximately 2 minutes to complete – All answers are anonymous.

Survey closes 20th August 2017  Go To Survey