January 2018 - SLSA ICT Circular 45/17-18

January 2018 - The latest SLSA ICT Circular contains information on the new Patrol Operations application accessed via the Patrol Ops App and the new look & feel to the Payment Gateway.  Please contact the helpdesk  on 1300 724 006 or email ithelp@slsa.asn.au if you have any questions about the latest changes.

Paperless Logs - NSW, SA, WA & TAS Only

Paperless Logs are now availabe for all SLSA Clubs & Lifeguard Services using the SLSA Operations App (via the updated Patrol Ops App). Patrol Captains and Vice Captains are able to use the application during patrol to sign on/off, record patrol members hours and statistics. 

Key Points

  • All members can access the Operations App via the Patrol Ops App to view their patrols
  • State centres manage the specific patrol positions to access all functions of the new application ie Sign On & Off Clubs, complete Patrol Logs and enter Stats.
  • The new application contains all fields as per the current paper patorl log for Clubs & Lifeguard services

How to Use the Patrol Operations App


Payment Gateway Updates

SLSA has released a mobile optimised version of the Payment Gateway to ensure members accessing the gateway on any device get the best possible experience. Price Lists will automatically display when an entity is selected. The new version is fully integrated with Payments made via the Members Area or  when members use the pay.slsa.com.au link used on many clubs websites.   Over the next few months tthe payment link in Join/Rejoin will be integrated with the updated version.

Sports Event Management System (SEMS)

The SLSA ICT Unit has continued its live piloting of SEMS at the Ocean6 series and  SLSA Interstates held in January. A big thank you to the State Centres who assisted us with testing by entering their state teams. The ability to do multi organisation entries for State & Branch teams is a new feature of SEMS not currently available in the Carnival Manager system. Any States/Branches/Clubs who are interested in assisting us with our testing please email the IT Helpdesk ithelp@slsa.asn.au 

Coming Soon

Safeguarding Children Report Online Form - this form is a centralised online reporting system that allows any SLSA member or member of the public to lodge any Child Protection related concern, suspicions or disclosure in a confidential and secure place.

Complaint and Grievance Online Form - the Complaint and Grievance Form is an online reporting system for members to lodge any complaint or grievance they may have about a breach of SLSA Member Protection Policy.

IT Systems User Account Application Online Form - the online form will have authorization functions built into it and this will enable Clubs/Branches/States to still manage who is given access to any SLSA IT System 

SLSA Smartphone Apps for iPhone/iPad & Android


Please contact your Coastal Safety State department regarding access to the App, a Form49 is still required to be completed to gain access to this application.

Event Risk

SLSA has a need to identify hazards, assess risk and develop risk mitigation strategies for surf sports events. The Event Risk App, iOS & Android versions, makes the risk assessment and risk mitigation process more efficient.

If you requrie access to the App please contact the SLSA IT Helpdesk by sending an email to ithelp@slsa.asn.au and indicating your preference for either the iOS or Android version

Water Safety

SLSA has developed the Water Safety App to assist Surf Life Saving Clubs and Services around Australia in fulfilling the requirements of the National Water Safety Policy 1.1.

If you requrie access to the App please contact the SLSA IT Helpdesk by sending an email to ithelp@slsa.asn.au and indicating your preference for either the iOS or Android version

Patrol Ops - NSW, SA, WA & TAS Only

The SLSA Patrol Ops application for iPhone & Android can now be downloaded directly from the Apple App store or Google play store. Please follow the below links and remember that you need to have a working Members Area (https://portal.sls.com.au) login to use the application:
Download for Android
Download for iPhone/iPad

SLSA Online Shop / Member Store Access

Online Members Store - Members
Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club Members can only be accessed through the SLSA Members Area (https://portal.sls.com.au). Simply login and click 'Member Store' from the Main Menu tabs at the top (on Desktop computers/laptop) or the 'User Menu' on mobile devices

Online Members Store - Administrators
Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club/Branch/State officers/administrators can be accessed the same way as Members (see above point) however only if the officer/administrator is selected in the “Online Member Store Administrator” officer position within Surfguard. This can be found by using the menu 'Organisational Details' > 'Officer Positions' in Surfguard


eLearning - Admin Functions for Director of Education / Chief Training Officer - (Not Victoria)

Club CTO’s who are in the Officer position in Surfguard will automatically be assigned administrative functions and will be able to check the progress of members eLearning. If a club CTO wants this function assigned to other trainers they will need to email ithelp@slsa.asn.au  with the name/s of members who need to be assigned the function.  

To view the currrent SLSA eLearning User Guide for Members & Trainers Click Here

IT Helpdesk Support

Monday to Friday:  8am - 5pm            

Saturday & Sunday:   8am - 10am

Telephone:  1300 724 006
Log a ticket:  https://support.sls.com.au
Email:  ithelp@slsa.asn.au          
Online Help:  https://help.sls.com.au

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