National ICT Circular

Welcome to the new format of our National IT Circular. We have made some changes and would appreciate your feedback on our new format and any suggestions on how we can do things better. Please email with any ideas, feedback or suggested enhancements.


* Bulk proficiency not able to add external visitors
* Bulk proficiency could be used even though state centre had turned off
* Pending Member Requests showing when displaying a member but not displaying in Pending Requests
* Award requirements for a specific position not being enforced
* Club Name not appearing on a certificate
* Candidate qualification check not displaying correctly
* Patrol Substitution request not releasing at nominated time
* Member Patrol Summary Report not displaying correct Award details.

SLSA Voice System - Decommissioned

SLSA has recently decommissioned the Voice System that was used by a small number of clubs to sign patrols on & off. Clubs who were using the Voice System now use the Patrol Ops App to perform these tasks. Members can download the Patrol Ops App from the App Store and Google Play Store .

SLSA IT Systems Survey

It’s that time of year again when we would love to get your feedback about the SLSA IT systems you may have used throughout this season. The information collected will be used to prioritise new development and enhancements to SLSA’s IT resources. You will only need to fill in this survey once and it will take approximately 2 minutes to complete – All answers are anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the Survey it is greatly appreciated.Go To Survey

Patrol Ops App - App Store and Google Play Store Released

Members can now download the Patrol Ops App from the App Store and Google Play Store
. Any patrolling member can use the app by logging in with their Members Portal login and the member must be in a valid rostered patrol in Surfguard.

BeachSafe Website & App -

SLSA have released a new version of the Beachsafe App following on from the brand new Beachsafe website released last October. The new site includes the location, facilities, weather, conditions and lifesaving services for all Australian beaches to help the public find the right beach. BeachSafe also provides expert advice about flags and signs, waves, rip currents, marine creatures, surf skills and more.

Sport Event Management System - SEMS

SEMS has been released to Production and we are in the process of arranging access for NT and North QLD to use the system for their current season. While this is occurring we are also in the process of getting more feedback from our testing group to identify any short term enhancements and long term enhancements that may be required for the system ongoing.


To access the eLearning - browse to and login > click the Lifesaving Online/Renewals tab > sub tab Courses > click Go to Online Learning now.

To enrol in a course, select Training Library from the top right hand side of the menu. Click the Course you wish to do SLS-Skills Maintenance, SLS-Life Saving or SLS-Sport and range of courses will display. At the bottom of course you would like to do click Enrol and on the next screen click Process Payment. Once you have enrolled in a course, you can then access this course from the My Training tab on the top right.

Club CTO’s who are in the Officer position in Surfguard will automatically be assigned administrative functions and will be able to check the progress of members eLearning. If a CTO wants this function assigned to other trainers they will need to email with the name/s of members who need to be assigned the function.
How to view the progress of members eLearning.
On the home screen of Click the red Switch tab to change your status to a club administrator
Click the Participants tab > Manage Participants

Payment Gateway

SLSA is in the process of releasing a mobile optimised version of the Payment Gateway to ensure members accessing the gateway on any device get the best possible experience. Price Lists will automatically display and club administrators will have access to a simpler price list creation process.
The updates will occur over the next few months and all clubs can still use the existing Payment Gateway until they are ready to move to the new one. See example below of the new look Payment system

Lifesaving Online and Join/Rejoin Enhancements – Released 17 May 2017

* In the Family Group section, a Primary Member can now:-
1. Join a New Person & Add them to the Family Group. Once the online form is submitted it will create 2 pending requests in Surfguard; New Family Group Member and New Club Membership.
2. Initiate a transfer for all family members who are confirmed in the family

* Two new features have been added to the Create Family Group section
1. A message displays informing the Primary Member creating the Family Group that they do not have to add themselves as they will automatically be added upon submitting the request. (See Family Group Details Screenshot below)
2. Members with a status of ‘Archived’ can now be added to a Family Group.

* General Members of a family group can now see the names of members in the group.
* Apply for a USI when renewing or updating details - In the Education section of the member form there is now hyperlinked text “Get your own USI” against the “Unique Student Identifier”. When selected, a new tab will open and the user will be taken to A message also appear advising members “You only need to have a USI when you are participating in a Commercial VET / AQTF Course”

* Members can now cancel their pending requests within Lifesaving Online

Water Safety & Event Risk Apps - iOS Version

The iOS version of the Apps is currently not working. We have our developers working on the issue. There are two workarounds:- • Get an Android device user to do the assessment.>br> • Use the paper version.

SLSA IT Systems Guide for Close of Season and Start of Season Tasks

This guide has been designed to assist club officers/administrators perform Close of Season and Start of Season tasks relating to our SLSA IT Systems.
The guide can be downloaded here and is divided into 4 sections
1. Season Close tasks Checklist
2. Detailed information relating to the Season Close tasks listed
3. Start of Season tasks Checklist
4. Detailed information relating to the Start of Season tasks listed.

SLSA Member Store

The member store has recently been given a facelift. Further enhancements will be released over the coming months. Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club/Branch/State officers/administrators can only be accessed if the officer/administrator is in one of the two officer positions “Online Member Store Administrators” in Surfguard with a valid date range.

IT Support & Staff

Over the last 12 months there has been major changes to the SLSA IT Department. There have been 3 new staff employed since September 2016 and our new title is now the National ICT Unit (NICTU)
* Abby Tripathi - National ICT Manager
* Peter Kurtis - Systems Administrator
* Joshua Somerfield - Support Officer

Over the last 6 months the ICT Team have been restructuring internal resources and processes. If you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch with us and we'd be happy to assist

SLSA IT Systems Training

The NICTU have already received requests for IT Systems training in preparation for the 2017/18 season. Clubs should contact their Branch or State Centre if they have training requirements. Branches & State Centres should email requesting dates & locations for training