October 2017 - SLSA ICT Circular 20/17-18

October 2017 - The latest SLSA ICT Circular contains information on the recent changes to Surfcom, Surfguard and the suite of SLSA smartphone applications. Please contact the helpdesk if you have any questions about the latest changes.

Surfcom Updates

Interactive Operational Map

The Surfcom Map has been enhanced considerably to allow operational activties to be performed directly in the mapping interface. The information now displayed in the map is outlined below:

Clubs and Lifeguard services are now visible on the map and can be updated by simply clicking on them. Represented by a circle (refer to the legend in image) the colour of the services will change depending on their current status. This allows operators to instantly see the status of all the services in a given area. To update a service, click on the circle and a popup will appear showing the name of the service and any actions available. Allowable actions for Clubs/Lifeguards are:-

  1. Sign-On
  2. Update Status
  3. ​Sign Off

Support Services
Where a GPS location has been specified in Surfguard, a support service will be visible on the map. Support services are identifiable as circles with a white interior (refer to the legend in image). Simply click on a support service to see the name of the service and update it's status using the below functions:

  1. Sign-On (Patrolling or Training)
  2. Update Status
  3. ​Sign Off

All beaches are now visible on the map as a small yellow dot. Click on the dot to see the name of the beach

GPS Tracker Information
Any GPS information from the Patrol Ops App will still show on the map as it has previously. This will show the location of Patrolling items (Flags, Patrol Tent, Signage etc), Hazards and Incidents (Rescues, First Aids and Preventions). Further to this the real-time visibility of tracked moving assetts can be seen via the purple line and corresponding GPS markers.

Incident Management within the Map

Referring to image at right, it is now possible to 'right mouse click' anywhere on the map and an 'Add an incident at this location' will display and the following fields will be prefilled:-

1. Service - assigns the the nearest servcie based on GPS Coordinates, 
2. Location
3. GPS Coordiantes
4. Date & Time opened

Incident Response - allows emergency response teams to be notified of an incident and confirm their attendance
When an incident is created the Surfcom operator can select an emergency response team from the 'SMS Contact' dropdown. The following when then occur:-

1. Members of the contact group will immediately be notified via SMS  with Incident Number, Location and Type and a link to click if  they are able to respond
2. If  the member clicks the link to confirm they are responding, an additonal screen displays that enables them to enter their current location and ETA at the incident. 
3. The incident in Surfcom is updated with responses from all members who have confirmed they can attend including their current location, ETA, Name & phone number

SLSA Smartphone Apps for iPhone/iPad & Android


The iRisk Assessor iPad App has now been released back into production and will be rolled out to users throughout October as required. Please contact your Coastal Safety State department regarding access to the app, a Form49 is still required to be filled out to gain access to this application.

Event Risk

The latest version of the SLSA Event Risk App for iPhone/iPad is now available. Previous users should have received an email with instructions to update, if you are a new user and would like access to the app then please contact the SLSA IT Helpdesk by sending an email to ithelp@slsa.asn.au and indicating your preference for either the iPhone or Android version

Water Safety

The latest version of the SLSA Water Safety App for iPhone/iPad is now available. Previous users should have received an email with instructions to update, if you are a new user and would like access to the app then please contact the SLSA IT Helpdesk by sending an email to ithelp@slsa.asn.au and indicating your preference for either the iPhone or Android version. 

Patrol Ops

The SLSA Patrol Ops application for iPhone & Android can now be downloaded directly from the Apple App store or Google play store. Please follow the below links and remember that you need to have a working Members Area (https://portal.sls.com.au) login to use the application:
Download for Android
Download for iPhone/iPad

Surfguard Updates - Policy 5.04 - Competition Eligibility

With the recent changes to Policy 5.04 -Competition Eligibility - relating to Patrol Hour Exemptions, changes will be made in Surfguard to enable Cubs/Branches/States to administer the new exemptions. The new options will be available in the 'Membership Details' section for each member. The section is titled 'Patrol Hours Exemption' and the options available are:-

  • No Exemption
  • Minimum Patrol Hours
  • No Patrol Hours

Key points relating to this change are:
- These changes will be released into Surfguard on Monday the 16th October 2017
- The default option for all members with competition rights will be 'No Exemption’ 
- The option will only be made available if a member has ‘competition rights' (comp rights) at the club. If they do not have comp rights then the option will not display in their Membership Details in Surfguard.
-  Club officers/administrtors can ONLY assign 'No Exemption' or 'Minimum Patrol Hours'.
 - Branch/State officers/administrators can assign 'No Exemption',  'Minimum Patrol Hours' and 'No Patrol Hours’   
- This will NOT be available in the Members Area i.e. Members cannot see/update this information themselves, it is only available in Surfguard for Club/Branch officers/administrators to action.
- The ‘Contact Details’ report and ‘Custom Reports’ area have both been updated so that clubs can extract a list of all members and see the exemption details for each

SLSA Online Shop / Member Store Access

Online Members Store - Members
Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club Members can only be accessed through the SLSA Members Area (https://portal.sls.com.au). Simply login and click on the 'User Icon' in the top right of the screen (on Desktop computers/laptop) or the 'User Menu' on mobile devices

Online Members Store - Administrators
Access to the full SLSA Shop for Club/Branch/State officers/administrators can be accessed the same way as Members (see above point) however only if the officer/administrator is selected in the “Online Member Store Administrator” officer position within Surfguard. This can be found by using the menu 'Organisational Details' > 'Officer Positions' in Surfguard


eLearning - Admin Functions for Director of Education / Chief Training Officer

Club CTO’s who are in the Officer position in Surfguard will automatically be assigned administrative functions and will be able to check the progress of members eLearning. If a club CTO wants this function assigned to other trainers they will need to email ithelp@slsa.asn.au  with the name/s of members who need to be assigned the function.  


Highlighted Surfcom Image - New Map Interface